Understanding has its own pace.

It can be nurtured and cultivated, 

But it cannot be hurried or forced.

Understanding develops according to its own seasons,

And once it blooms the result is beautiful.

Christy Heacock (Photo by Jessica Fadel on Unsplash)

Why I Love Libraries

What kinds of places make your heart tingle, the corners of your mouth turn upward, your body relax? Beaches, mountain tops, flower gardens, babbling brooks, cozy restaurants, and for me – libraries. Books have been some of my best friends, and libraries contain my past buddies as well as future BFFs that I’m looking forward… More

Forgiveness and the Easter Story

Inspirational stories can help us forgive. The death and resurrection story of Jesus has provided many Christians with assurance that no matter what sins they have committed in the past or will commit in the future, they will be forgiven.  In brief, the Easter story relates that God sent his only son, Jesus, to earth… More

The Ungrateful Jar

A friend told me she was going to set up an ungrateful jar for Lent, the season that is observed during the forty days before Easter. “What?” I thought. “Why do that? Do we really need a jar to help us whine and complain more?” I googled ‘ungrateful jar,’ but my words were corrected by… More

How to Win the Blame Game

Fix the Problem, Not the Blame I hate it when I lose the blame game. It hurts my pride to admit I’m wrong, and it’s no fun suffering the consequences of my bad behavior or thoughtless words. If I’m playing the blame game, I try to point the blame elsewhere, so maybe I can escape… More

Forgiving 2020

The year 2020 has been the most maligned year I have experienced in my many decades here on earth. People were cheering on December 31, 2020, because they could finally be rid of the horrible, terrible, no good year 2020. Good riddance! Last year certainly wasn’t what any of us expected. We knew viruses could… More

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