Share Your Story

We learn best by connecting with others and sharing our stories, so I am happy to provide a platform where people can gain wisdom from each other and not feel so alone in the forgiveness process.

The intent of this page is for lifting people up, not putting anyone down. Therefore, do not use real names or include information that may be harmful or hurtful. Do share personal insights, challenges or experiences with forgiveness that may be helpful to others.

Please contact me directly if you would like to be formally interviewed like Rose and the other people in my book. With your permission, I will share your story (using pseudonyms and protecting privacy) on this website.

2 thoughts on “Share Your Story

  1. Forgiveness for me was unburdening myself of the hurt, sadness, anger and whatever else I held onto in order to move forward. It was for me, not the other person. It was cancelling the debt, letting it all go and moving on with my life. It was not forgiving and forgetting and then reconciling only to receive more of the same behaviour. It was not automatically trusting again. It was a process.

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  2. Thanks, Sue. Well said! I’m so glad you were able to lighten your burden and move forward.💖
    Forgiveness and reconciliation do not always go together. We need to build trust and feel safe before we can truly let go of whatever is causing us pain. The forgiveness process is for improving relationships, growth, and peace of mind – NOT for allowing hurtful behavior to continue.


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