The Forgiveness Experience

When we are faced with a major offense (something that causes us pain and anger), we have a choice. We can try to hide our hurt and avoid dealing with it, we can blame others for their part in our pain and retaliate, or we can choose to work on forgiveness. 

Why work on forgiveness? Genuine, true forgiveness leads us to better mental, physical, and spiritual health. It improves our relationships and enhances our ability to communicate with others. It also transforms us as we learn, grow, and find a productive path forward.  

How do we do it? We find personal, spiritual, or religious connections to guide and support us. We find the courage to confront our pain and the compassion to process our hurt according to our moral values. We use creativity to open our minds to new perspectives and seek solutions to what is troubling us. 

Forgiving ourselves and others may not be easy, but it has the power to lighten our burdens and light up our lives.