When Will You Forgive?

When will you choose to forgive?

Not now, I’m waiting.

What are you waiting for?

I’m waiting

For my former friend to change

To get even with my coworker

For my enemies to realize they are wrong

For my husband to stop drinking; then everything will be better 

For my wife to ask for forgiveness; it was her fault 

To feel capable; I have no idea how to deal with this

For courage. What if he gets mad? What if she turns against me?

For God to change things.

What if you don’t wait and choose forgiveness?

 I will have to

have courage and confront my fears

take responsibility for my feelings

change the way I think

put forth effort

solve problems.

I won’t get to

be a victim anymore

be certain I’m right

pretend to be who I think I should be. I’ll have to be me. 

What if you choose forgiveness and do the work necessary to forgive?

No more self-righteous anger

No more fear of faults, failures, and flaws

A better understanding of myself and others

Feelings of compassion instead of bitterness

Freedom from unrealistic expectations 

Forward movement, no more circling backwards

Genuine, honest communication 

A new and improved chapter in my life story


-Chris Heacock

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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