Reading Guide for Being Human Is Hard: Choose Forgiveness

I recently was able to discuss my book, Being Human Is Hard: Choose Forgiveness, with my friend Nadine’s book club. What a wonderful group of women! I enjoyed discovering what touched them about the stories and hearing their perspectives.

My friend Liz provided me with the above photo of her book and the tabs she’d mark so we could discuss various ideas and share insights. I appreciate learning from my readers!

The following Reading Group Guide is for book clubs or for anyone who likes thought-provoking questions. If you’d like more detailed discussion questions, I’m doing a book study at my church and have developed questions that explore each story. Please contact me if you would like me to visit your book club or group, either in person or by zoom, or if you would like to discuss a more long-term book study.

Reading Guide for Being Human Is Hard: Choose Forgiveness by Christy Heacock, PhD

  1. Did your understanding of forgiveness change after reading the book? In what way?
  2. What story was most meaningful to you? Why?
  3. Did you identify with any of the forgiveness heroes? What did you have in common?
  4. How important do you think the 4Cs are to forgiveness? Is one more important than the other? Would you add an additional component?
  5. What role does humility and vulnerability play in the ability to forgive? Gratitude? Acceptance?
  6. How important is self-forgiveness to forgiveness of others and forgiveness of God or Fate?
  7. What is hard about forgiveness and how can we try to overcome obstacles to letting go and moving forward?
  8. Is there a quote, passage, or insight you’d like to be sure and remember as you face forgiveness challenges?

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